CHF Staff from left to right :  Case Manager, Norm Strasheim; Maintenance Worker, Andrey Russ; Receptionist, Janie Mitchek; Case Manager, Kirsten Baynham; Office Manager, Elaine Nava; Executive Director, Connie Zimmerman; Maintenance Supervisor, Jamie Parmley and Bookkeeper, Bonnie Russell


Connie Zimmerman, CEO and founder of CHF in 1987 Connie has been a past President of the CHF Board of Directors. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Human Services.  Connie has over 35 years of experience in the field of housing and assistance with refugees, runaway teens, senior citizens and homeless families. She has been successful in organizing the homeless families into a self‑supporting community.  She was on the Board of Trustees for Crossroads Baptist church during their building program, and served as chairperson for 5 of the 6 years she was on the Board.  She also served 4 years as a chairperson of Operation Blessing as a diaconate member of Crossroads Baptist Church. These experiences proved valuable as she has since built 12 town homes, The Family Education Resource Center, which houses the CHF offices, and completed a 3 duplex development at the end of 2004, one of the duplex was built by Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Connie purchased over 75 HUD properties using up to 42 of these properties to house the current homeless population living at CHF transitional community.  Thirty-one of those properties were sold at cost or very discounted prices to homeless families graduating from the CHF transitional housing program to self-sufficiency.  Connie has been successful in soliciting assistance from local, state and federal government agencies, private foundations, and individuals to address the various needs of the homeless families including the last seven town homes built in 2010. Under her leadership, Colorado Homeless Families has housed 484 families with children since its foundation.  

As of December, 2014:

  • 405 (100%) families were self-sufficient upon graduation from the CHF transitional housing program.
  • 156 (35%) of these families purchased their own homes;
  • 249 (65%) of these families moved into affordable housing;
  • 101  individuals have graduated from tech schools, colleges or universities.

Connie is married to Larry Zimmerman, she has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Elaine Navafull-time Office Manager, has been with CHF for 9 years.  Elaine is an assistant to the CHF Executive Director and is responsible for overseeing daily operations in the CHF office.  Her previous experience includes working as an office manager for a number of small businesses and working in child care and development.  Elaine also has experience leading support groups and counseling women that have been victims of trauma and abuse.  Elaine has her Bachelor’s degree in Management of Human Services from CCU and an Associates degree in business.  Elaine has volunteered her time with her husband leading Marriage Watcher’s groups as well as organizing and scheduling Marriage Conferences and events.  Elaine is married and has three children.

Tammy Prichard, full time Administrative Assistant, worked in the Human Resource department of a local engineering firm.  She has her BS degree in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University.  Tammy has served as a board member and leader for various groups for over 10 years and has been a staff member of two non-profit organizations.  Tammy and her husband support the needs of the homeless.

Bonnie Russellfull-time Bookkeeper and has been with CHF for 8 years.  Bonnie attended Phoenix College for 2 years and studied sociology, counseling and general courses.  She has worked as a new business coder at an insurance company; in the school system with developmentally handicapped children, and preschool children.  She also managed and maintained the books for a gift and tea shop.  Bonnie is married and has two boys.

Norm and former CHF resident

Norm and former CHF resident

Norman Strasheim,  full-time Senior Case Manager, responsible for the guidance and educational growth of all families that are a part of the homeless program.  Norman served with the Arvada Police Department for thirty two years.  He was assigned to street patrol as shift supervisor responsible for officers and all investigations and reports related to crime scenes.  Norman received the Colorado Police Officer Standard Certification from the Colorado Law Enforcement Academy.  He received Hostage Negotiation Training from Illinois Police State Academy Police Department.  For thirty years Norman was an adviser and trainer of young men and women in the Law Enforcement Explorer Program involving more than four thousand individuals across the United States.  Norman is married and has five children.

 Kirsten Baynham, part-time Case Manager has been with CHF for over 4 years.  She has a BS Degree in Social Welfare from CSU.  Kirsten has worked as a Supervisor for a Delinquent Home for teens in Denver, and at an International school in India.  She has traveled in SE Asia extensively, doing humanitarian aid work in India and Laos.  She has created sustainable income projects for weaver in Laos, and now raises money for weavers’ scholarships by selling their Lao silks.  She has volunteered to mentor newly-arrived refugee families in Denver.  Kirsten has a passion to advocate for refugee and immigrant families, helping them to adjust and acclimate to this new culture.  She also has a heart for single moms, directing them to focus on healthy boundaries and future goals to become self-sufficient.  She is married with 2 grown children.

Jamie Parmleyfull-time Maintenance Supervisor and oversees the volunteer work of the homeless men at CHF as they help to maintain the properties.  Jamie has worked for CHF for over 10 years.  He has previous experience as a carpenter and was head of the maintenance department at a school in South Dakota where he supervised 4 employees and specialized in boiler repair.  Jamie volunteers his time doing side jobs like; framing, roofing, plumbing, tile and electrical work for friends and family.   Jamie is currently enrolled in a HBAC program at a local college and in December 2013 will receive his Commercial and Residential HBAC  license and certification. 

Andrey Russ, full-time Maintenance Staff has been with CHF for 5  years.  Andrey has experience with carpentry, painting and various maintenance work.  He also apprenticed for an Electrician.  Andrey goes on mission trips to Mexico to help build homes for the underprivileged, and he spends his time as a volunteer at youth camps. 

CHF contracts with experienced counselors;  Mark Whitney.  

Our accounting needs are contracted out to the certified accounting firm,Probst & Dallmann, PC.

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