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Arvada Woman of the Year

Connie with the nominating committee members including the 2013 man of the year.

Woman of the Year

Connie Zimmerman, Colorado Homeless Families’ Executive Director and Founder, has been selected as Arvada’s Woman of the Year.  Connie was selected for this honor by a committee of past award winners on the basis of her extraordinary contributions to the Arvada Community for over 25 years.  They notes that her “selflessness, leadership, and dedication to the Arvada Community is truly commendable and worthy of special praise.”

Woman of the Year

The Woman of the Year Award will be presented to Connie on March 28, 2013, from 11:30-1:00 at the Arvada Center.  We invite you to support CHF in honoring the tremendous work done by Connie by attending this special luncheon, or showing your support through a gift made in Connie’s honor.  For tickets, you may call the Arvada Chamber Office at 303-424-0313.

Get To Know Our Families

AmbulanceWhen Kendra was just 16 years old, she and some friend were driving home from a youth concert.  Suddenly the car veered and hit the guard rail on Interstate 25 traveling at 70 miles per hour.  The vehicle flew 20 feet in the air and rolled three times.  Kendra’s neck was broken in the accident and she was even pronounced dead at one point.  The other young people in the car were not injured.  Kendra remained in a coma for 3 months with a very weak, sporadic heartbeat.  The doctors said that she would most likely never wake up, and if she did,  she would never be fully functioning again.  Her parents decided to keep her on life support because they believed that God had a different plan for Kendra.

Connie Zimmerman, Colorado Homeless Families' Executive Director and Founder, has been selected as Arvada's Woman of the Year.

Miraculously, after 3 months, Kendra awoke.  She began a long, difficult path to recovery.  She had to relearn everything she had learned, including how to walk and how to talk.  It was a great trial, but Kendra believed that her life meant something.  She worked hard in physical therapy and persevered to prove to her self and her doctors that God had a plan for her life.  In fact, just 18 months after the accident, Kendra enrolled in college and after 4 years, earned her BA degree in Christian Education.

The road to recovery was not easy for Kendra.  There were many days she wanted to give up; to simply stay in bed and not even get up to face the day.  Kendra believed deep in her heart the Scripture that she had memorized:  “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  She truly believed that God keeps his promises and she was grateful to be alive.  Kendra has goals and dreams for her life.  She wants to help and bless other people.

Now in her early thirties, Kendra is only partially disabled, and her left hand is permanently paralyzed.  While living in the CHF transitional housing program.  Kendra will benefit from a community that is focused on succeeding.  She is able to live in a safe, affordable home with other women in similar situations as herself. She meets with a counselor and receives case management weekly.  Kendra is in the process of writing a book about her trials and triumphs.  She wants to become a motivational speaker and inspire others to never give up.  She believes that with God’s help, we can all be over comers.  We are proud of Kendra and are excited to see her thrive while living at CHF.

Kendra is a shining example of the people you help by donating to Colorado Homeless Families.  Without the assistance of individuals and organizations in our community, women like Kendra and countless other families, would not have the same opportunities given to them as they do while living at CHF.  Your contribution helps individuals and families in our program reach self-sufficiency, and we are so grateful.

Additional Success Stories

Did you know…?

-30% of the people that come to CHF are single moms.

-95% of these mom are the sole supporters of their family, usually living on minimum wage.

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