Connie’s Retirement Celebration!

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Jun 172016

Connie Zimmerman Executive Director

Connie Zimmerman
Executive Director

Connie’s Retirement Celebration was a Great Success!!

We heard many amazing success stories of people whose lives were changed at Colorado Homeless Families…

Thank you to everyone that participated in Connie’s retirement celebration! 

Colorado Homeless Families began with a vision by Connie Zimmerman, and through her hard work and the support of volunteers from the community, dedicated board members and staff, and generous donors the program has changed the lives of over 500 Colorado Families. The families in the program have worked hard to advance themselves out of poverty, get an education, and improve the lives of their families.

Connie's Retirement Celebration!
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Colorado Homeless Families Success Story!

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May 152016

Christy is a Colorado Homeless Families success story!

She graduated from CHF with TRIPLE the income after ONLY 23 Months!

We would like to share Christy’s story with you.  Christy is a very special single mom with 2 children, who recently graduated from CHF.  Christy’s annual income went from $14,316 to $45,168 in twenty-three months!  The following story tells how…


Colorado Homeless Families Success Story!
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THANKS TO YOU…15 Families became Self-sufficient!

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May 042016

Thank you for your support in 2015!

With your support Colorado Homeless Families was able to provide…

      54 CHF families with housing and supportive services.


homeless family stick drawingYour support also enabled…

  • 10 CHF families to improve their financial situation and graduate from CHF and move to market rate rental housing
  • 5 CHF families improved their financial position and purchased their own homes!
Also in 2015:

∼     25 CHF individuals were enrolled in college, universities or trade schools.

∼     16 CHF individuals attended ESL classes

∼     1 CHF individual earned his Doctorate in Epidemiology

THANKS TO YOU...15 Families became Self-sufficient!
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Norbert’s Story

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May 112015

Many families come to CHF’s transitional housing program, stay for 18 months to 2 years; sometimes longer, then graduate and move on with their lives. 

Some families keep in touch with us after leaving our program and let us know how they are doing.  The family I would like to tell you about is a graduate from Colorado Homeless Families, Norbert, a young doctor and his wife Gygy, who fled the Republic of the Congo with only the clothes on their back, to pursue their dream of living in America, having a life free of turmoil and war. 

Norbert’s Story:

Norbert's Story
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A Story From the Past

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May 072015


Executive Director, Connie Zimmerman standing next to CHF graduates

Though every family has left an impression on the staff here, the first family that Colorado Homeless Families served in 1987, Bob and Norma Brown, stands out in my mind the most. 

I was working at Sunny Acres, a retirement home in Northglenn, in 1987 when I first met Bob Brown.  This 50 year old father of 7 children was the bus driver at Sunny Acres. He was incredibly hard working and very friendly and personable with the residents as he drove them to the mall, grocery store, bank and doctors’ appointments.  He was one of the hardest working people on my staff at Sunny Acres. 

A Story From the Past
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EF-5 Tornado Causes Young Family to Lose Everything

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Jan 062015

8J2A0177There are many reasons a family may become homeless, including job loss, divorce, and illness, just to name a few. In the past , several large natural disasters have added to the list of reasons that have contributed to homelessness in our country.

In May of 2013, an EF5 tornado – the most destructive on the Tornado scale – tore through Moore, Oklahoma killing 24 people and causing massive destruction to the area. Hundreds of homes and buildings were destroyed and thousands of lives were affected.

This tragedy hit far from Colorado, but Colorado Homeless Families (CHF) was equipped to help in any way possible.

EF-5 Tornado Causes Young Family to Lose Everything
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