From Homelessness to Self-Sufficiency


  • CHF StaffOur Mission: to provide transitional housing and supportive services for homeless families with children in the Metro Denver area (7 counties) and to help them become self-sufficient within 18 months to two years
  • Founder, Connie ZimmermanConnie Zimmerman, Founder of Colorado Homeless Families loves children - and they love her.
  • Family Support and EducationCHF Recognized For Its Contributions to the Community.
  • Excellence in SupportNon-profit organization Colorado Homeless Families (CHF) won the Affordable Housing Project of the Year Award from the Colorado National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)
  • Dignity in Rebuilding LifeColorado Homeless Families offers homeless families with children that help educate, grow, and ultimately become self-sufficient:
  • Community ServiceCHF has developed a particularly creative approach to support homeless families. To reduce overhead expenses, CHF has organized the homeless families into an effective volunteer core.
  • Bikes for Homeless Kids!Imagine the smile crossing the face of the youngster that just received your donated bicycle … imagine the hope and encouragement that brings when so much has been lost. It’s not just fighting obesity … it’s about keeping hope rolling along
  • Restoring SmilesRestoring smiles on children's faces when all hope seemed lost, Colorado Homeless Families helps homeless families get back on their feet.
  • Keeping Children SafeCHFRB supports families by providing a safe and warm place to sleep while parents rebuild their lives.
  • Programs for ChildrenGrants and donations make it possible to restore dignity and hope for families with children
  • Donations Help FamiliesMake a Donation to Colorado Homeless Families
  • Consider Giving TimeBeing Grandma or Grandpa to a child is one of the greatest gifts that we enjoy on this Earth.

Colorado Homeless Families (CHF) is a non-profit transitional housing program. 

CHF serves families with children who are classified as “New Poor” (families who are homeless for the first time) or “Working Poor” (families who earn low wages and cannot keep up with the rising cost of living, including housing).

CHF houses families for 18 months to 2 years, during which time the adults must be attending school and/or working in a position that will allow their families to become self-sufficient by the end of the program.  A variety of programs have been established to aid families in reaching this goal.

CHF serves approximately 47 – 72 families annually, with a daily residential population of approximately 240 – 360 individuals daily.

Did you know…?

  • In 2012 63% of the families in the CHF program were single parent families.

  • 95% of these mom are the sole supporters of their family, usually living on minimum wage.  

Success Rate at CHF

Success at CHF is defined by the percentage of homeless families who attain self-sufficiency. This includes the number of families housed and employed, the number of families completing the 18 month to 2 year program, the number of families finding affordable housing, number of families who purchase their own homes, the number of individuals who attend and graduate from trade school, colleges or universities. continue reading …

Read about Extreme Home Makeover’s visit to CHF and other exciting news stories involving Colorado Homeless Families and our generous supporters. 

If you or your company, church or organization would like to join with us in an effort to bring hope and dignity to transitioning families who have found themselves homeless, contact us now!

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